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Ben entered a photo contest and the theme for this month is ice.  Ever the creative fellow, he thought up a neat idea, a hamburger made of ice! Check out his blog for more and to share your thoughts!


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Late evening, an hour long snow storm was over and everything was covered in a perfect layer of white snow. It’s so great to be at the cottage when it’s snowed, everything is so quiet and clean and fresh.

I need to learn how to take photos at dusk, this is too dark and needs more definition.

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While visiting with my brother and his family I figured I would snap a few photos of some of the kids toys they had around the house. This one made me shake my head a bit, it’s kinda creepy, no?

If I was a little kid I wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and see this fellow sitting on my toy shelf!

I think I needed a bit more light for this photo, it was shot in the basement with no flash. I should have taken a bit more time and switched up the exposure perhaps.

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Firstly, yes, it’s a bad photo – technically. However, I had to share it because it’s just so damn cute!

The dog, a lovely old labrador, was a bit excited and was jumping up and barking a bit and his owner told him to sit down. Like a good dog he did just as he was asked, completely ignoring the fact that Alana was already laying on the floor right behind him. Did he care? Did he move at all? Nope! He just plunked himself down right on top of her and sat there with a smug look on his face, as if to say “aren’t I a good dog?”.

Too cute.

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I call this one “Something Fishy”.

I came across this ‘thing’ while on a day trip to the Kincardine area with Ben. I have no idea what it used to be (maybe a catfish?) but it made for a startling discovery on the beach. I wish I’d taken a photo of it with something to show scale, it’s actually quite big, more than a foot long. If you have any thoughts on what it might be, do share.

A couple of boys and their parents were walking along the beach towards me as I was finishing up shooting the skeleton, I didn’t get to see their expressions when they finally reached it as I’d already moved on, but I bet they thought it was ‘super cool’.

I know it’s a little washed out… I just wasn’t thinking about the lighting or final result of the photos, I was too fascinated by the subject matter!

This photo was taken mid-day in late fall ’07, with a Canon 30D.

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Comments, tips, thoughts appreciated.  Taken in Kinkardine, Ontario.  Late fall.  Canon 30D.

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