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My goodness, the shenanigans going on with the news media these days! Did you hear about Fox & Friends and their doctored photos of New York Times reporters? Mon Dieu!  This kind of behaviour is appropriate in high school (just barely), not at national news organizations.

To sum up: Some guys at the NYT (Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe) were responsible for an article that was printed on June 28th that said there was an “ominous trend” in Fox News’ ratings. Yes, the New York Times is not a huge fan of Fox, they haven’t kept that a secret. Anyway, some guys at Fox (Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade) went live with a bit of a rant about the issue and called Steinberg and Reddicliffe “attack dogs” while featuring photos of the NYT staff with some interesting digital alterations.

To catch yourself up on everything head over to Media Matters. They have the video too.

On to Vanity Fair, they jumped on the chance to get involved with a little creative editing of their own with Photoshop of Horrors: The Frightful Faces of Fox News. *chuckle*

So I am smirking my way through their edited images and then start wondering exactly what edits were made.  VF skipped the before and after and just queued up a slideshow of the dreadful after photos.  What to do? Googling everyone’s names would just be a hassle. Oh, if there was just a search engine that could identify the images even with the edits and uses pictures as the query instead of text! Hmm.

Here are some of the VF article images along with the originals that I easily found with just a few right clicks.

Bill O’Reilly

William Kristol

Geraldo Rivera

Neil Cavuto

Shepard Smith

Chris Wallace


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Iranian state media folks get a bit heavy handed with the photoshop maybe? Interesting article from the Lede: http://tinyurl.com/onetoomany

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Confession: I never go anywhere. Well, I do leave Toronto now and then, but as far as vacations? Never. Happens. Enter a former business colleague who has decided to get married in Mexico! Huzzah!  It’s a good excuse to finally put aside the ‘too busy’ and ‘too costly’ excuses and just GO.

The wedding is in February ’09, so there’s plenty of time to plan – and do I love to plan! (It’s somewhat of an obsession, no joke…)

PlanetEye logo

Enter PlanetEye. One of Toronto’s most well known tech folks, Mark Evans, is part of the great team behind the site. PlanetEye.com is a one-stop destination for all the travel planning needs I (or you!) might have.

PlanetEye is still in beta but it’s already shaping up to be a fantastically easy-to-use planning tool with geotagged photography, some very cool mapping technology and a growing cache of travel content from a team of in-house writers and professional sources. Snazzy!

PlanetEye has a neat “Travel Pack”  feature that lets you “clip” the interesting photographs, attractions, hotels and restaurants discovered on PlanetEye when planning a trip or simply putting together travel ideas.

Congrats to Mark and the team on the launch of PlanetEye – if all goes well I’ll be off to Mexico in February for my very well planned trip!

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