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This one’s for Ben!

I love the guys from Flight of the Conchords.


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Well, Matt doesn’t bite, Matt rocks!

Check out these humorous snaps from his recent trip to the Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market. I greatly enjoyed “foreclosure” and, of course “Jesus on a pelt”.

Such good times!

I didn’t have the heart to tell this doll family that they will probably be defaulting on their mortgage and moving into a Barbie Camper shortly. It’s happening all over California really. Besides, that’s the most haunted San Francisco Victorian Dollhouse I’ve ever seen. I bet Karen Black and Bette Davis are in the attic. Watch yourself.

I give you Jesus On A Pelt.

I’ll let you absorb that for a minute.

So yes, there is he, the redeemer, the liberator, the savior, artfully painted on racoon? Fox? Squirrel? And whyyyyyyyyy? Surely there’s a story behind this and when you walk the aisles you realize that there are always a million stories behind these objects. But this really takes the cake. I’ve seen him on cars, stickers, bodegas, t-shirts and even tortillas, but animal fur is completely new to me. He really does work in mysterious ways.

I love it!!

Head over to Matt Armendariz to see his professional portfolio (he shoots awesome, awesome, awesome images of food…yum).

BTW, Matt, congrats on your wedding!

** all images Matt Armendariz

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