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I was surprised by the number of posts commenting on the anger from black activists about Jolie being cast as Daniel Pearl‘s wife in ‘A Mighty Heart‘, currently in production.

Interestingly, this frustration comes at the same time that Halle Berry was cast as white teacher Tierney Cahill in another upcoming movie.

I did a search and haven’t come across any complaints at all about the casting of Berry in this role. How is it a positive thing that bi-racial Berry can play a white woman in a film, but a negative that Jolie is portraying a woman of colour? (Pearl is dutch/afro-cuban it has been reported)

Adding to the story, Mariane herself was quoted saying “I’m delighted Angelina Jolie will be playing my role. I deeply admire her work.

It’s frustrating that in 2006 we still can’t get past the ‘race issue’, even in what is supposed to be ‘just entertainment’. Why can’t it be that any actor can play any role that the director thinks they are suited to? Producers for Halle’s new movie were quoted saying they “felt it was more important to find the right actress to play the role rather than the right white actress.” Sounds good to me.

I am sure Ms. Berry will do a fantastic job as Cahill, and I will not be deterred in the least from going to see the movie due to her ethnicity. Just as I wouldn’t have, and still don’t, care if Angelina plays Pearl.

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