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Michael Keaton enjoys stopping in for drinks at 2 Cats lounge at 569 King Street E. here in Toronto. I know this because he bought me a couple of vodka sodas (with a splash of cranberry, of course) just last Thursday. Through a curious set of circumstances I ended up heading out on the town with my friend Jen Mohan (MCI) and her friend Sarah (soon to become the object of Mr. Keaton’s attention).

After a lovely dinner at Brassaii we were heading out of the restaurant when we ran into Michael at the bar, along with an associate of his (who turned out to be from the hotel he was staying at and appeared to be some sort of ‘tour guide’ – poor Michael didn’t have any chums in the city to hang with it appears). At some point we invited him to come out with us for the evening but he said he couldn’t (oh the disappointment!). However, his interest in the lovely Sarah seemed to prompt him to say more – he mentioned that he had a prior arrangment to head over to 2 Cats and then asked if we would like to join him (ah, the elation!). So there we are, walking down the street with Michael Keaton, grabbing some drinks, and hanging out just chit chatting.


He’s shorter than I thought, and his hair is gray, and he’s looking a bit rough around the edges these days. This man was Batman, THE Batman as far as many are concerned, and I’m thinking he looks like he could stand to head home and have a good nap. *sigh* Oh Batman, say it isn’t so!


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