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I was skulking about on the City of Toronto‘s website the other day looking for some information about our house and I came across their scanned image archives that have been made available online.

Queen West, looking East from James St. - Toronto - 1924

Queen West, looking East from James – Toronto – 1924

Now, it’s quite the hassle to view the images – so prepare yourself ahead of time.  Each link must be clicked, each image viewed on its own. It’d be great if these images would be added to Flickr’s The Commons or somehow made more readily available and easy to surf through.

Building the Subway and Streetcar system - Downtown Toronto

Building the TTC – Toronto

However, all that aside, the images (and there are a ton of them) are lovely to explore and I had a few little thrills when I spied some from just down the street that were taken near to the time our house was built. At least you can search by date and keywords.

If you live in Toronto and have an interest in how your neighbourhood looked many years ago, check out the Toronto image archives.

Here are a few I found interesting, all from around the time my house was built (1924).

Slum Lodging House - Toronto - 1924
Slum Lodging House – Toronto – 1924
The Beach - Toronto - 1924
The Beach in Winter, frozen – Toronto – 1924
Ladies at Woodbine Racetrack - Toronto - 1924
Ladies in furs at Woodbine Racetrack – Toronto – 1924
Looking East from the Royal York - Toronto - 1929

Looking East from the Royal York - Toronto - 1929

The Danforth lavatory - Toronto (corner of Broadview/Danforth) - 1924

The Danforth lavatory - Toronto (corner of Broadview/Danforth) - 1924

TTC Bus - Toronto - 1923

TTC Bus - Toronto - 1923

Building the Bloor Viaduct - Toronto - 1916

Building the Bloor viaduct - Toronto - 1916


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Well this doesn’t look very safe, does it? Firecrackers burst around celebrants at the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand…

Image: Chumsak Kanoknan / Getty

See more of Time’s Pictures of the Week and visit Boston.com’s The Big Picture too. TBP has the most stunning images each and every time I visit, I’m never disappointed. Check out Worker resting on bales of cotton by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, one of my favourites in the set from his Earth from Above series.

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I’m reading…

Joe McNally‘s blog. Amazing photographer.

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Well, Matt doesn’t bite, Matt rocks!

Check out these humorous snaps from his recent trip to the Long Beach Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market. I greatly enjoyed “foreclosure” and, of course “Jesus on a pelt”.

Such good times!

I didn’t have the heart to tell this doll family that they will probably be defaulting on their mortgage and moving into a Barbie Camper shortly. It’s happening all over California really. Besides, that’s the most haunted San Francisco Victorian Dollhouse I’ve ever seen. I bet Karen Black and Bette Davis are in the attic. Watch yourself.

I give you Jesus On A Pelt.

I’ll let you absorb that for a minute.

So yes, there is he, the redeemer, the liberator, the savior, artfully painted on racoon? Fox? Squirrel? And whyyyyyyyyy? Surely there’s a story behind this and when you walk the aisles you realize that there are always a million stories behind these objects. But this really takes the cake. I’ve seen him on cars, stickers, bodegas, t-shirts and even tortillas, but animal fur is completely new to me. He really does work in mysterious ways.

I love it!!

Head over to Matt Armendariz to see his professional portfolio (he shoots awesome, awesome, awesome images of food…yum).

BTW, Matt, congrats on your wedding!

** all images Matt Armendariz

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The folks over at digital Photography School have a great list. Not that these are crazy, new ideas – but getting a reminder now and then never hurt and they are well laid out, with examples too.

Make your shots better by keeping these 10 pointers in mind. If those aren’t enough, there’s a follow up 10.

(do these rules apply to snaps of doggies too?)

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My goodness, the shenanigans going on with the news media these days! Did you hear about Fox & Friends and their doctored photos of New York Times reporters? Mon Dieu!  This kind of behaviour is appropriate in high school (just barely), not at national news organizations.

To sum up: Some guys at the NYT (Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe) were responsible for an article that was printed on June 28th that said there was an “ominous trend” in Fox News’ ratings. Yes, the New York Times is not a huge fan of Fox, they haven’t kept that a secret. Anyway, some guys at Fox (Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade) went live with a bit of a rant about the issue and called Steinberg and Reddicliffe “attack dogs” while featuring photos of the NYT staff with some interesting digital alterations.

To catch yourself up on everything head over to Media Matters. They have the video too.

On to Vanity Fair, they jumped on the chance to get involved with a little creative editing of their own with Photoshop of Horrors: The Frightful Faces of Fox News. *chuckle*

So I am smirking my way through their edited images and then start wondering exactly what edits were made.  VF skipped the before and after and just queued up a slideshow of the dreadful after photos.  What to do? Googling everyone’s names would just be a hassle. Oh, if there was just a search engine that could identify the images even with the edits and uses pictures as the query instead of text! Hmm.

Here are some of the VF article images along with the originals that I easily found with just a few right clicks.

Bill O’Reilly

William Kristol

Geraldo Rivera

Neil Cavuto

Shepard Smith

Chris Wallace

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